SCUB ENTERPRISE              "Dare To Dive"

         The Best of Malaysia Diving Centre

SCUB Enterprise was established to provide an opportunity for anyone who wants to enjoy the natural beauty of the sea floor that covers 2/3 of the whole earth. Various types of creatures can be seen with our naked eyes.

All God's creatures are very unique and our knowledge of the range of a drop in the ocean is definitely not enough to thank Him. We are inheritors of the earth has been entrusted to take care of all that is.

As a diver, the love of all that is in the sea will remain protected from interference by any human being greedy to ruin it to ensure future generations will continue to be able to recognize all creatures now than extinct, as had happened to the creature at the time of previously known only through photographs and remnants of bones was dead.

Something very not spoken the words when we have the opportunity to pray in the sea. Serenity was too beautiful to describe.

Familiarity we have seen, a diver will wear dive that does not follow the principles of the religion as required by. Opening genitalia during a dive like there is no end.

Therefore, I would like to appeal to all divers and sisters together in our lives especially when we want to enjoy the beauty of creation by keeping seared and mixing procedure to another. Intentions can not justify the means.